Here’s what people are saying about Kate Walker Training…

Thank you for this experience. My coworkers told me it was going to be a way to not only expand my career but also my knowledge and it did!

Michelle Whetstone
2020 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

The course was well structured and the materials were easy to understand. Every part of the course was thoroughly presented and relevant.

Dieula Previlion
2020 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

I really valued the in-depth feedback and also the additional resources that were shared with me. My frame of reference is limited to what I have done. Dr. Walker supplied me with resources to further my knowledge base after the course as I begin working as a counselor supervisor.

Anne Hardegree M.Ed., LPC
2020 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

Kate knows her stuff. Her trainings are informative and fun with some great networking mixed in. Love working with Kate!!

Cyndi Doyle

Kate’s Consultation service is incredible! I highly recommend her if you have concerns or issues with a supervisee and need expert advice. Kate helped me tremendously!

Pamela Geisinger-Sandy
Facebook Review

Kate is down to earth and knowledgeable. She engages you with her creative approaches to learning. I highly recommend her!

Julia Ayraud

Fantastic set up, a little scared about the technology, but ended up learning a lot about that in addition to the LPC-S stuff! Great feedback and timely!!! thank you! Loved the amount of stuff I learned, it was not simple, it took some effort. I also loved hearing some feedback and not feeling isolated!

Dr. Lorraine Dinkel
2020 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

I love that the way the course is set up to where anyone can complete it within their own scheduled time line. I also love the great communication that Dr. Walker has throughout the whole process.

2020 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

I cannot thank Kate enough for being willing to share her immense knowledge with everyone. She is truly responsible for my stepping out into my practice and building it the way I did and being successful right off the bat. Anything Kate touches is successful! I recommend her for any of your training and/or consultation needs!

Jessica Erin

I loved the fact that 1., it was actually challenging, and 2., that it really made me pay attention how my role as a supervisor will differ from my role as counselor.

Todd Puckett
2019 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

Very informative and thorough. I feel very well prepared!

James Rogers
2019 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

I went through Dr. Walker’s Supervision training in January 2019. It was awesome! Simple online portion then 2 informative face-to-face classes (and now I believe you can do the entire course online). She gave us many valuable resources + she offers various forms of post-course support/ consultation options. You will finish the course feeling very prepared & excited to supervise.

Morg Derai
2019 Graduate 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

“I was apprehensive because I did not know what to fully expect, but the program is thorough and easy to follow so that you are fully aware of all the requirements …when I did have questions Kate was prompt and so very easy to converse with….In addition, Kate’s feedback was constructive yet encouraging. Exactly what I was looking for. Someone to guide me and help me to become the best supervisor that I can be. The course was awesome but your connection to me during the process made all the difference. Thank you so much!!”

Gina Scalise DeLeon
2019 Online 40 Hour Training Graduate

Kate knows her stuff! I was lucky enough to have her as my own supervisor and this is her God given talent. She will mentor you and shape you to be one of the best therapists and supervisors out there. She’s honest and passionate and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to new rules, ethics and accountability!

Brandi Peterson

Thank you for your prompt response. Keep up the good work. I was inspired, educated, and challenged to be a better counselor and become the best supervisor I can be.

Peter Piñón, MS, LPC Cohort 38

Kate was personable, approachable and professional. The refresher course helped to fill in some gaps in my supervision work with interns. Loved the course.

Michael Chancellor
LPC-S Hour Refresher Course Participant

What did I love about the course? Kate’s knowledge of the subject matter and the laid back atmosphere.

Meg Bellows
LPC-S Refresher Course Participant

Dr. Boswell did a great job! It was nice to be a participant and not the presenter.

Dr. Judy DeTrude Ph.D.
LPC/LMFT Cohort 36

The 40 hour supervision course, led by knowledgeable and engaging presenters, prepares the budding supervisor to practice ethically and competently. I highly recommend Kate Walker Training!

Kristi Patterson, MA,
LMFT, LPC, RPT – Cohort 36

I loved the thoroughness of the concepts introduced and the course format (online and in person); the friendly instructors were icing on the cake!

Cohort 36 Participant

I loved the knowledge about the proposed board rules Kate was able to provide.

Kali Scheschuk
LPC Supervisor Cohort 36

I like the set up (50% online & F2F). I enjoyed the size of the class; it was large enough for a wide array of input but small enough to for personalized attention. Plus sharing the time with other supervisors was insightful.

Morgan Tuck Cohort 36

I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshop. It was great to hear other professionals ideas and experiences relating to the couseling profession. Kate and Jennifer presented the information in an easy to understand manner and were extremely helpful with making sure I was a part of the learning environment as I was attending live via webcam.

Christina Henry Cohort 36

I loved the interaction!

Participant Cohort 36

Jennifer and Kate were genuine, knowledgeable and relatable. I liked the casual yet professional atmosphere. I learned more than I could have imagined and felt safe to share and give feedback as needed.

Participant Cohort 36

Something you loved about the course? Knowledge of the material discussed, open dialogue with facilitator.

Cohort 35 participant

I loved the open dialogue, structure of the course and materials provided.

Caren Cooper Cohort 35

I had mentally prepared myself for another dry, repetitive training and was thrilled when finding this not to be true! I really enjoyed myself and Kate’s professional yet easy-going instructional style. She is clearly an experienced professor with a fun personality and a wealth of knowledge to share. It was easy to see that you’ve done this 34 times! Wow!!

Gina Watson
LPC Cohort 34

Kate was very knowledgeable and made the class fun.

Cohort 34 participant

I thought the content was very interesting and I liked working on vignettes with the group.

Leslie Postany
LPC Cohort 34

I enjoyed the small class size because it gave us the ability to have meaningful discussions about the material and real world situations. I also enjoyed the materials and resources provided so that I can go back and review after I have had more time to process the course.

Erika Labuzan-Lopez
LPC Cohort 34

Two things I loved about the course were Kate and the fabulous teaching material!

Jennifer Nagg, M.Ed.
LPC Cohort 34

Vignettes at the end were extremely helpful. Loved the multicultural section.

Melanie Graves
LPC Cohort 34

I love having a workable supervision contract in hand that I can use soon. I also loved the interface of discussion on potential pitfalls and dilemmas in supervision that will help me establish a solid supervisory role. This course has definitely increased my confidence in this area!

Christie Farris
LPC Cohort 34

The amount of interaction between the facilitator and the participants kept me engageded the entire time. Additionally, I truly enjoyed the fact that Dr. Walker shared her methods and systems to ensure the highest quality of supervision.

Christopher Boule
LPC Cohort 33

Everything was very organized; good directions regarding what to expect.

Participant Cohort 33

I can’t imagine a better way to prepare for supervision. Dr. Walker is passionate about the education of students and interns. As her student, there is no doubt that she wants you to grasp the concepts presented and be the best our profession has to offer. Excellence all around!!

Sarah Garay LPC
LMFT Cohort 33

Kate’s personality and learning great skills to become an effective supervisor.

Melissa Estes LPC
LMFT Cohort 33

Loved all of the ethical code and TAC rule instruction. I also loved the format and teaching style.

Lindsay Pearce
LPC Cohort 33

Kate is very thorough and she gives her own personal experiences.

Jamie Porter
LPC-S Cohort 33 Supervisor Refresher

What were one or two things you loved about the course?

I enjoyed how clear all the directions were. It made completing assignments, for a distance course, manageable. I also enjoyed Kate’s thoughtful feedback on assignments.

2020 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

I loved the use of technology throughout the course and the variety of teaching strategies throughout the course. I also loved the assignment that required me to go through the laws of our state. It helped me understand the legal mandates even more and take them even more seriously.

Dieula Previlion
2020 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

The ability to work at your own pace.

Monica Jackson
2020 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

I loved that you were very attentive to me, replying really quick to my emails.

Gustavo Salazar
2020 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

I loved that it made me rise to the occasion. It was challenging. I explored some new ideas with technology. I believe the course was thorough. Through each of the modules, I re-visited some things I had not read or thought about in a while. I was able to look back and reflect on my practice to see how theories, tenets, and best practices have actually been in place through the years and see how knowledge and understanding of these components truly give us structure and a road map on which to travel. I also love the online format where I could complete the course on my schedule and not take time away from my current clients, especially during this strange time of COVID-19. Sincere thanks!

Anne Hardegree M.Ed. LPC
2020 Graduate of the Online 40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Training

I loved that it was a smaller class size that allowed for a lot of discussion and sharing. I loved how knowledgeable and approachable Kate Walker was.

Shannon Deitch Cohort 32

Kate is knowledgeable, personable, encouraging. She made the material make sense.

Anna Chancelllor Cohort 32

I wanted to earn the CE’s in one fell swoop, which is what drew me to this course. The mix of online and class time learning was great. Dr. Kate Walker offers an excellent Supervisor Training course. It is clear she has a wealth of experience as a counselor, supervisor, and teacher. She created a collaborative learning environment, provided us with tons of great information, and shared her best tips and secrets. I highly recommend Kate Walker Training.

Chris Stravitsch
DMin, LPC, LMFT, Rejoice Counseling Apostolate Cohort 32

I truly loved the genogram assignment and the role play. The intimate class size was ideal.

Tanisha C. Harrell
LPC – Cohort 32

This course was very thorough while also allowing for interactive feedback. Dr. Walker is incredibly informed and has a great way of disseminating all that is needed to equip and empower supervisors.

Jenny Deitz Cohort 32

Great course! Strongly recommended!

Becky Reiter Cohort 27

This was an amazing training! Thank you for really honoring the profession and the gift that is supervision.

Kara Grant Cohort 27

An abundance of information but very necessary. I feel equipped to begin supervising. Thank you!

Participant Cohort 26

Wonderful! Great! Covered a lot of information in an easy way to understand and use!
This was an incredible course – applicable, comprehensive, and fun!
I learned so much and I’m excited about learning more as a LPC Supervisor!

Participants Cohort 26

Fabulous program of skillful knowledge that also touched my heart as we talked professionally.
Very well done! I will really use and apply this information to my work!
This was awesome! I learned so much thank you!

Participants in Cohort 24

I am grateful for the wealth of resources and information presented in this course. The instructors delivered consistent instruction through an empowering and encouraging style. Thanks for the wonderful tools and for helping to pave the way for my new ‘job’!

Cohort 23 Participant

Your Supervisor Training was more than just another training. The information, useful resources provided, and application exercises have equipped me such that I have very few questions about my role as a LPC Supervisor. Additionally, the comfortable and collaborative teaching style made the course enjoyable. Your willingness to help and support clearly extends beyond the last training day and I feel comfortable knowing that I can access you as a resource in the future. Thanks again for a fantastic training!

Mike Cunyus MH
Program Director at the Burke Center, [Cohort 23 July 2015]

Kate this course was the poster child for how training should be done!

Jennifer Leslie van Blarcom
Director Enriching Counseling Services [Cohort 23 July 2015]

This has been a great experience! The presenters were knowledgable and did a good job keeping our attention. Thank you for such a positive experience and all your support!
Better than the previous LPC course I took. Way more informative and applicable! Thank you!
This course has been excellent! It is very interactive and informative. It was a lot of fun and Dr. Walker made the environment comfortable.
I appreciated all the opportunities for discussion and being able to draw on other participants’ and instructors’ professional experiences!

Participants Cohort 23

Kate, You have helped me more than you will ever know, both professionally and personally. It was a blessing that I found Ann’s Place and that assistant-ship five years ago. Here’s to many more years of growing and achieving balance together!

Brandi Peterson MA

Speaking Engagements

I can’t thank you enough.  Seriously, you have a wonderful way of talking about the hard stuff.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. As a teacher, I loved your progression through it all, starting simple and building on from there.  It was really well done. You are appreciated!!
Jennifer Davenport Minister to Youth and Families Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity Episcopal Church The Woodlands, Texas

Thanks for helping us realize how our mistakes are not negative, in fact those mistakes guide us throughout life and create the “us.”

2017 Houston Young Women’s Leadership Conference sponsored by Pangea Network

I admire that you took a risk in starting your own business given all that could’ve gone wrong. I’ll be taking some more risks in my life (within reason of course!) Thank you for reminding us that we are enough. I’ll remember that.

2017 Houston Young Women’s Leadership Conference sponsored by Pangea Network

You made me realize it’s ok to make mistakes. Thank you again.

2017 Houston Young Women’s Leadership Conference sponsored by Pangea Network

Thank you so much for speaking to us today. Your talk made me realize something that I forget very often; that I am worthy and that I am good enough. You also helped me remember that the journey to the top may be difficult but the view will be amazing.

2017 Houston Young Women’s Leadership Conference sponsored by Pangea Network

DVD Testimonials

“This [3 Disk DVD set] is just wonderful and will be a blessing to my practice! Please pass along to Dr. Walker that I am so very grateful for this! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and my appreciation for what you do as it will surely help so many!”


Dr. Pamela Harlan

Just finished watching “My 5 Favorite Mistakes.” Loved it! Glad I ordered the DVD set and eager to view the other ones. Especially loved the superwoman part. You’re absolutely right, we can’t do everything on our own and we must ask for help too! Great information from the whole DVD including the financial part. We can learn from our mistakes and teach others about them.

I enjoyed having coffee with you before Christmas too! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy New Year’s! I will talk to you soon :)”


Julia Ayraud, MA, LPC-S, NCC, CCTP, CGRS
Embrace Your Life