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Are you a new mental health professional ready to book your first client? Are you a seasoned pro worried that you messed up [insert worst case scenario here] and you don't have a way to get your thoughts together? You could pay for an expensive consultation, OR, you could use this guide to flip the script and level up your practice.

Not just for LPC Associates and the specialists who supervise them, this guide is for ANYBODY ready to take their NEXT STEPS into private practice!

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Content creator, author, educator, and private practice problem solver. I help you find the solutions you need to create a mental health career you'll love.


Securing Your Practice: Mastering HIPAA Compliance and Risk Management Strategies in Counseling

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Business Problem Solving Beyond the Numbers: A Therapist’s Guide

Diving into numbers, conversion rates, or client counts might not be what you signed up for when you decided to help people for a living. But trust me, with a little bit of guidance and some relatable metaphors, I'll show you how embracing business problem solving can actually be quite liberating.


Diversifying Your Income Stream: Why You Should Try a Side Hustle

Diversifying income streams is not just beneficial but necessary for us therapists. It’s about creating a life where financial security and professional integrity walk hand in hand, enabling us to serve our clients with the dedication and care they deserve.

Harnessing Q1 Momentum: Using Goal Alignment to Overcome Post-Holiday Drift

Welcome to our discussion about overcoming obstacles through goal alignment! We’re half way through Q1, so whether you’re re-evaluating your New Year's resolutions or engaging in fear setting to help you better understand why you’re stuck, this is the perfect time to assess your progress and realign with your objectives.

Transforming Finances in Private Practice from Chaotic to Clear

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