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    Dr. Kate Walker
    February 17, 2021

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    Dr. Kate Walker
    February 9, 2021

    Social Media in Private Practice? Yes You Can

    What are people saying about KWT courses?

    Training Course Participants

    I wanted to earn the CE's in one fell swoop, which is what drew me to this course. The mix of online and class time learning was great. Dr. Kate Walker offers an excellent Supervisor Training course. It is clear she has a wealth of experience as a counselor, supervisor, and teacher. She created a collaborative learning environment, provided us with tons of great information, and shared her best tips and secrets. I highly recommend Kate Walker Training. - Chris, DMin, LPC, LMFT, Rejoice Counseling Apostolate

    Cohort 32

    Kate Walker Training, Texas
    The amount of interaction between the facilitator and the participants kept me engageded the entire time. Additionally, I truly enjoyed the fact that Dr. Walker shared her methods and systems to ensure the highest quality of supervision. - Christopher, LPC

    Cohort 33

    Kate Walker Training, Texas
    I had mentally prepared myself for another dry, repetitive training and was thrilled when finding this not to be true! I really enjoyed myself and Kate's professional yet easy-going instructional style. She is clearly an experienced professor with a fun personality and a wealth of knowledge to share. It was easy to see that you've done this 34 times! Wow!! – Gina, LPC

    Cohort 34

    Kate Walker Training
    The 40 hour supervision course, led by knowledgeable and engaging presenters, prepares the budding supervisor to practice ethically and competently. I highly recommend Kate Walker Training! - Kristi, MA, LMFT, LPC, RPT

    Cohort 36

    Kate Walker Training, Texas
    I am grateful for the wealth of resources and information presented in this course. The instructors delivered consistent instruction through an empowering and encouraging style. Thanks for the wonderful tools and for helping to pave the way for my new ‘job’!

    Cohort 23 Participant

    Kate Walker Training
    Your Supervisor Training was more than just another training. The information, useful resources provided, and application exercises have equipped me such that I have very few questions about my role as a LPC Supervisor. Additionally, the comfortable and collaborative teaching style made the course enjoyable. Your willingness to help and support clearly extends beyond the last training day and I feel comfortable knowing that I can access you as a resource in the future. Thanks again for a fantastic training!

    Mike Cunyus

    MH Program Director at the Burke Center
    Kate Walker Training
    “Wonderful! Great! Covered a lot of information in an easy way to understand and use! This was an incredible course – applicable, comprehensive, and fun! I learned so much and I’m excited about learning more as a LPC Supervisor. ”

    Cohort 26 Participant

    Kate Walker Training

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