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40 Hour LPC LMFT Supervisor Course

Self-Paced and Completely Online

Becoming a supervisor in only about 30 minutes a day may seem impossible, but Kate Walker Training has helped 1000s of LPCs and LMFTs take control of their practice and become a supervisor without the added cost of missing work. It’s based on the latest research and license laws and everything is customizable for your needs and goals. Completely Online. Interactive. No Bots. No B.S. Real Instructors. Real Results.

badass basics

Badass Basics

How to Start Private Practice Counseling

Badass Basics is for the disciplined, yet needs-accountability, practice entrepreneur. Seasoned practice owner wondering why it’s still so overwhelming? This course is for you. Still dreaming of private practice and you want to do it right the first time? This course is for you. Whether you are launching a new practice or tweaking an existing one, this six week course is packed with content that teaches you step by step how to create your successful, enjoyable, profitable private practice.

Kate Walker Training

Group Coaching

Step it UP

Getting all of the busines courses and continuing education credits you need feels impossible and expensive.

YOU my friend, are self-directed and you know what you’re looking for. You don’t like to pay for every single resource when you can get everything for one low price.

The Step it UP membership is designed to help you take control of your practice and your training and get your career up to BADASS.

You’ll get

  • Weekly training
  • Weekly group coaching
  • Amazing archive of past trainings organized by topic
  • Templates customizable for your needs and goals
  • NO CONTRACTS stop any time you like

Did I mention that you get workshop tickets, discounts on the 40 hour training and OVER 20 Supervisor CEs included?

Step it UP has it all.

Ready for what they didn’t teach you in grad school?

Are you a new mental health professional ready to book your first client? Are you a seasoned pro worried that you messed up [insert worst case scenario here] and you don’t have a way to get your thoughts together? You could pay for an expensive consultation, OR, you could use this guide to flip the script and level up your practice.

Not just for LPC Associates and the specialists who supervise them, this guide is for ANYBODY ready to take their NEXT STEPS into private practice!

Kate Walker Counselor Education LPC Associate and Grad Student

Hi! I’m Kate.

Content creator, author, educator, and private practice problem solver. I help you find the solutions you need to create a mental health career you’ll love.


Want to be a LPC Supervisor? A Good Course Teaches These Essential Systems

If you’re interested in becoming an LPC supervisor in Texas, look for a course that teaches great systems including the interview process, the supervision contract, and the orientation-evaluation-remediation triad. Those systems will do more than keep you organized, they’ll mitigate liability. Read more!

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A cornerstone of HIPAA for therapists is compliant software; but what do you do when good software goes bad?

HIPAA Compliance for Counselors

If it is a known issue in your practice or with your system, and you are electing not to fix it now, and instead you’re going to train everybody in your office how to work around it, you will note this in your self-audit. Additionally…

Three Things You Must Do in Private Practice

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced therapist, you don’t want to miss this! Join Dr. Kate Walker as she discusses 3 things you must do in private practice.