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Are you a new mental health professional ready to book your first client? Are you a seasoned pro worried that you messed up [insert worst case scenario here] and you don't have a way to get your thoughts together? You could pay for an expensive consultation, OR, you could use this guide to flip the script and level up your practice.

Not just for LPC Associates and the specialists who supervise them, this guide is for ANYBODY ready to take their NEXT STEPS into private practice!

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Content creator, author, educator, and private practice problem solver. I help you find the solutions you need to create a mental health career you'll love.


Counselors Serving a Minority: A Chat with Ana Marcella Rodriguez

Listen in as Ana Marcella Rodriguez tells us how counselors serving a minority break barriers and foster access to mental health services.

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Transitioning grad students to Associates in your practice? Join me as I talk with Jessica Eiseman LPC-S and explore ethical supervision!

Navigating Ethical Violations in Counseling with Attorney Laurel Clement LPC-S

Ethical violations in counseling are a deeply concerning issue that have profound consequences. Attorney and LPC Supervisor Laurel Clement answered some of the biggest questions about this. Read more!


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Shift Your Money Mindset for Private Practice Success

Establish a financial philosophy that empowers your money mindset for private practice. Keep reading for some great ideas!

Starting your Own Counseling Practice: Balancing Personal and Business Goals With Max Casero

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Solve Common Private Practice Problems: The Power of Scalable Systems

In today's private practice landscape, where time is an asset and client demands are ever-evolving, the ability to scale your practice is crucial. Read more!

Mastering Telehealth: Ashley Hubbard Talks About Creating a Counseling Policy and Procedures Manual and Planning for Growth

Ashley's conversation with me about her strategies for creating a counseling policy and procedures manual really opened my eyes to the intricacies as well as the necessity for this invaluable tool. Your employees must know what to expect from you and what you expect from them. Counseling private practice businesses can grow FAST and you can't let this slip through the cracks!

Exploring the Intricacies of Counseling Client Paperwork

Get ready to explore the importance of updating your counseling client paperwork—an often overlooked, but vital task. Read more!