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Are you a new mental health professional ready to book your first client? Are you a seasoned pro worried that you messed up [insert worst case scenario here] and you don't have a way to get your thoughts together? You could pay for an expensive consultation, OR, you could use this guide to flip the script and level up your practice.

Not just for LPC Associates and the specialists who supervise them, this guide is for ANYBODY ready to take their NEXT STEPS into private practice!

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Content creator, author, educator, and private practice problem solver. I help you find the solutions you need to create a mental health career you'll love.


Unlock New Income Streams with Clinical Supervision: The Art of Client Load Balancing

In this podcast, I'm going to help you understand how to maximize the potential of your clinical supervision designation and balance your client load. Many believe that obtaining your “S” means you must take on numerous supervisees. This myth needs debunking.

How to Navigate Supervisor Problems: A Guide for New Graduates

Supervision is a crucial part of your early career, and it's important to know when to stick with it and when to move on. Here, we'll go over some red flags and how to handle them, all in a chatty, conversational style that you know and love from our podcast.

Finding a Great Supervisor: Essential Guidance for New Counselors

Today, we’re diving into how to find a great supervisor, a crucial step in your journey to becoming a licensed professional counselor.


Mastering Private Practice Management: A Summer Boot Camp for Success

Welcome to our summer boot camp, where over the next few weeks, we’ll dive deep into the essentials of private practice management. I’m Dr. Kate Walker, and whether you’re tuning in live or catching this session on replay, you're taking a pivotal step toward enhancing your practice.

SEO for Counselors: In Conversation with Jenny Melrose

Jenny Melrose is the force behind doubling my business income, and today, she’s here to talk with us about the power of using these tools to grow your business. Let's get into it!

Ethics in Supervision: Navigating Financial and Professional Responsibilities as an LPC Supervisor

I’m diving into a crucial aspect of our roles as supervisors—ethics in supervision, particularly around the financial implications of our work. Supervisors hold a pivotal position in shaping the professional lives of our supervisees, and it's essential we discuss the nuances that often don't find themselves clearly stated in the rulebooks.


Grow Your Private Practice: Proven Strategies from Dr. Kate Walker and Joseline Aguilar, LPC

Building a private practice in mental health isn’t just a career move—it’s a journey filled with unique challenges and rewards. I’m Dr. Kate Walker, host of the “Texas Counselors Creating Badass Businesses” podcast, where we dive into the nuts and bolts of building a thriving practice.

Diversifying Your Income Stream: Why You Should Try a Side Hustle

Diversifying income streams is not just beneficial but necessary for us therapists. It’s about creating a life where financial security and professional integrity walk hand in hand, enabling us to serve our clients with the dedication and care they deserve.

Harnessing Q1 Momentum: Using Goal Alignment to Overcome Post-Holiday Drift

Welcome to our discussion about overcoming obstacles through goal alignment! We’re half way through Q1, so whether you’re re-evaluating your New Year's resolutions or engaging in fear setting to help you better understand why you’re stuck, this is the perfect time to assess your progress and realign with your objectives.