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Dr. Walker is a researcher, author, systems expert, practicing clinician, counselor educator, and business leader. She has served as President and Texas LPC Board Liaison for the Texas Association for Counselor Education and Supervision; she hosts a nationally distributed podcast; and is a highly sought-after speaker and presenter at state and national conferences.

Her mission?

Help fill the gaps in Texans' access to affordable mental health services by getting more clinical supervisors into the field and affordable, research-based, up-to-the-minute resources into the hands of Texas counselors and counselor educators.



Leading a team of counselors or counselor educators and keeping them HIPAA compliant and motivated is a demanding job.

  • Are you looking for reliable research based information to give your team?
  • Not sure which strategy you should be putting into place to get everyone on the same page?
  • Do you feel like you’re one incident away from a lawsuit?
  • You've done the groundwork and you know what your team needs, but are you worried about spending money on ANOTHER training that falls flat?

No matter how long you have been in the counseling field there is always a new strategy to test and something new to learn.

Whether you are a counselor educator, grad student, or practicing professional you are constantly looking for ways to improve your skillset.

As a team leader, having the additional burden of keeping up with the constant changes in liability can often feel overwhelming.

I'm Kate Walker and I'm here to help.

I understand the constant changes and the importance of building HIPAA compliant, scalable systems whether it is for your team, your department, your brand, or yourself.

You need skills to help your team withstand the changes while keeping up with the needs of their students and clients.

This can feel like a game of Jenga as you try to figure out where to put your efforts first.

At Kate Walker Training we connect counselors with excellent affordable resources to grow their skillset and careers.

All you need to do is pick a resource below and connect us to your team.

Free Resources

  • Dr. Walker's You Tube Channel
  • Monthly Virtual Webinar Series
  • Specialized social media groups including Texas Supervisor Coalition and Texas Counselors Creating Badass Businesses
  • Texas Counselors Creating Badass Businesses Podcast
  • #counselorsdontquit Blog

Paid Resources

  • Live speaking, consulting, and teaching
  • 40 Hour Training to become a LPC/LMFT Supervisor in Texas
  • Online continuing education courses
  • "My Next Steps: Create a Counseling Career You'll Love" 5 Star Reviews on Amazon

If you are like me, you became a counselor not only because you wanted to help your community, but also because you wanted to have a balanced life. You can't do that if you are overwhelmed and lack resources and training.

Let me help, and let's get to work.



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