Texas Counseling Association Professional Growth Conference

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You know how there are just some things in life that you don’t want to miss? Things that are fun, good for you, and part of a disciplined career? Well the Texas Counseling Association Professional Growth Conference is one of those things. I go every year, I have a blast, it makes me a better counselor supervisor, and I sell a lot of courses and “My Next Steps” books. I get to hang out with people like Dr. Chris Taylor and help him promote his book “My Digital Practice.” I get to see people I look up to and want to be like when I grow up like Michael DeVoll, Le’Ann Solmonson, Megan Pickens, Lisa Pearson, Nancy Milloy, Teri Sartor, BJ Barksdale, Kimberly Novak McGough, and Cyndi Doyle (to name a few). I get to finally meet people who I only know from their Facebook profiles and online course webcam images. My presentation “Beyond the Supervision Plan: Supervisees, Systems, and Critical Incidents” went great and I was so tired/happy at the end I wanted to cry. Once again, I felt so honored to be in my comfort zone talking shop with my peeps.

If you were at the conference and I didn’t get to see you, drop me an email and let’s touch base. If you came to my presentation and you’d like to see some of the resources I talk about, then click some of the links below. Enjoy some of the photos, spend some time on the website, and go be the best counselor you can be!

Policy and Procedures Manual Template

HIPAA Training for Therapists

Peek Into My Dropbox 


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