Kate is very thorough and she gives her own personal experiences

Jamie Porter LPC-S Cohort 33 Supervisor Refresher

Loved all of the ethical codes and TAC rule instruction. I also loved the format and teaching style.

Lindsay Pearce LPC Cohort 33

What were one or two things I liked about the course? Kate’s personality and learning great skills to become an effective supervisor!


Melissa Estes LPC, LMFT Cohort 33

I can’t imagine a better way to prepare for supervision. Dr. Walker is passionate about the education of students and interns. As her student, there is no doubt that she wants you to grasp the concepts presented and be the best our profession has to offer. Excellence all around!!

Sarah Garay LPC LMFT Cohort 33

Everything was very organized; Dr. Walker provided good directions regarding what to expect

Participant Cohort 33

The amount of interaction between the facilitator and the participants kept me engaged the entire time. Additionally, I truly enjoyed the fact that Dr. Walker shared her methods and systems to ensure the highest quality of supervision.

Christopher Boule LPC Cohort 33

What were one or two things I loved about the course? Kate’s knowledge of the subject matter and the laid back atmosphere.

Meg Bellows, LPC-S Supervisor Refresher Course February 2018

I loved that it was a smaller class size that allowed for a lot of discussion and sharing. I loved how knowledgeable and approachable Kate Walker was.

Shannon Deitch, LPC Cohort 32

Kate is knowledgeable, personable, encouraging. She made the material make sense.

Anna Chancellor, LPC Cohort 32

Kate was personable, approachable and professional. The refresher course helped to fill in some gaps in my supervision work with interns. Loved the course.

Michael Chancellor, LPC-S Supervisor Refresher Course February 2018