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My Next Steps: Create a Counseling Career You’ll Love by Kate Walker Ph.D.


“Every counselor needs this book! This is an incredible book. I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and build my own counseling business so I can spend more time with my daughter. Your book is helping me connect some of the major missing pieces. I just bought 6 copies for all of my counseling interns to help them as they are going to be fully licensed within a year now. The reflections from all of the experts are so helpful. Thank you for helping us non-business minded counselors who still want to branch out! So grateful for you!” – Just Jess/Amazon Review

“This is a great book for anyone considering entering the counseling profession! It gives a diverse perspective for 6 different counseling professionals. Kate is transparent and personal about her journey and success in private practice. I had my students read this book for a Professional Practices course and they loved it.”  – Le’Ann Solmonson/Amazon Review

This refreshingly blunt how-to guide serves up ten chapters full of inspiring stories, transformational insights, sage advice from experts in the field, and easy exercises.

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In this refreshingly blunt how-to guide, Kate Walker serves up ten chapters full of inspiring stories, transformational insights, sage advice from experts in the field, and easy exercises.

Via chapters such as Avoid Career-Ending Mistakes, The Therapeutic Use of Money, and Private Practice Primer, the book teaches you to step up your own transformation and create the counseling career that will be life changing and life sustaining for you (and your clients).

Counselors don’t quit. By the end of My Next Steps you’ll understand why your gifts make you too important to lose to things like going broke, giving up, burning out, or getting fired because. #counselorsdontquit

Step up and learn the good habits to help you create a counseling career you’ll love. Order now and get free shipping.

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