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A proven guide for your business means more clients, efficient operating systems, fewer mistakes, and whatever your brand needs to sell more and scale fast. Consistent and quality help is a roadblock for a lot of businesses, but with My Next Steps: Create a Counseling Career You'll Love to guide you, it won’t be a blocker for your growth.


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Practical, doable steps.

Stop the fear, uncertainty and doubt! Even small mistakes are costing you time, energy, and money.

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Five experts in the field explain EXACTLY how they succeeded so you can stop re-inventing the wheel.

Tools of the trade.

Time, money, and phone scripts mean more paying clients, and less chance of burnout.

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What readers are raving about:


"This is an incredible book. I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and build my own counseling business so I can spend more time with my daughter. Your book is helping me connect some of the major missing pieces. I just bought 6 copies for all of my counseling interns to help them as they are going to be fully licensed within a year now. The reflections from all of the experts are so helpful. Thank you for helping us non-business minded counselors who still want to branch out! So grateful for you!"

- Just Jess, Amazon Reviewer

"A real world way to grow your counseling career!"

"This book will give you information to begin your own practice for LPC or as a school counselor you can grow that practice. It was an easy read and then easy to create the goals to create realistic steps to my my counseling career forward. I carry this book in my counseling bag to look through as a thought arise in it so helpful to me."

- Liz Smith, Amazon Reviewer

"Great book!"

"This is a great book for anyone considering entering the counseling profession! It gives a diverse perspective for 6 different counseling professionals. Kate is transparent and personal about her journey and success in private practice. I had my students read this book for a Professional Practices course and they loved it."

- Dr. Le'Ann Solmonson, Amazon Reviewer

It's time to achieve balance.

If you have passion to help and counsel others, and you are looking for a way to direct it,

this book is for you.


If you have lost your passion to help others heal and are looking for tools to re-ignight it,

this book is for you.


If you have fallen in love with a career focused on helping and healing others, this book is for you.


If you need to overcome lack of confidence and fear of failing to actualize and do what you love,

this book is for you!


This book is a powerful guide for counselors, but equally powerful for those in the coaching industry.  Kate’s practical wisdom gently lights the path for professionals to gain clarity, remove fear, and take immediate action.

Dawn D. Owens, Author of Light After a Layoff

Meet the Author

Kate Walker Training LLC

Kate Walker, Ph.D. is a Texas Marriage and Family Therapist who began helping mental health professionals grow and scale their businesses when her own clinical practice achievebalance.org exceeded six figures.

The fruit of that labor, Kate Walker Training LLC, quickly grew into a six figure business after she published the first completely online dual-licensed supervisor training in Texas in 2019.

As a systems specialist Kate helps mental health providers design practice strategies that create financial freedom so they be more confident and reach more clients.

In 2022 Kate is combining her course design expertise with her extensive experience growing successful businesses into practical content users can access via Katewalkertraining.com.

Over five thousand followers would agree; Kate's book, her Kate Walker Training You Tube Channel, Instagram, and two Facebook groups - Texas Supervisor Training and Texas Counselors Creating Badass Businesses - are vital tools for exceeding your business goals!