If you don’t see a question or answer you are looking for, fill out this form or call us at 877-211-5777 and a REAL PERSON (we don’t hire robots) will get back to you the same day. If it is after noon, or a weekend or holiday, look for our response the next business day.


I’m having technical difficulties. Can you help me?

Of course! Try a different browser first though. If you are using Chrome, try Firefox or Safari. If that doesn’t work, then  call our help desk at 877-211-5777 or use the contact form above and shoot us an email.

I purchased paperwork but I can’t download the material/my download link is not working. How can I get my materials?

When you purchased paperwork from KWT, you were given immediate access via a link to download the material. There can be a couple of reasons this won’t work. First, try checking your browser. Internet Explorer and Chrome might have difficulties. Try Firefox instead.

I purchased a CE Course but I haven’t received it. How can I get my certificate?

All of the Home Study/Online courses and exams at Kate Walker Training are free. If you purchased a CE Certificate and did not receive it, ask yourself the following questions

  1. Did I pass the course exam with a 80% or better? Our course exams will notify you immediately whether or not you passed the course. We receive notification at the same time.
  2. Did I complete the course evaluation? In order to maintain our CE provider status we must collect complete evaluations for the courses you take. Once we receive verification that you passed your exam, we send you a link to the course evaluation. Once we receive verification you completed that part, THEN we send you your certificate. I know it seems like a lot of steps, but that’s what makes us one of the best home study/online course providers for counselors in Texas
  3. Did I check my junk mail/spam? If you completed all of the steps above and your are missing the email with your PDF Certificate attached, search your spam email for the message. Be sure to star this email, add katewalkertraining as a contact, or create a special filter for your emails so you don’t miss important updates or future CE Certificates.
Are you hiring?

When we hire we post openings on sites like Monster.com (just an example not an endorsement). Thanks for asking though!


Can I work with you one-on-one or reach out to you directly?
Of course! I’d love to hear from you. You can call our help desk at 877-211-5777 or head over to my contact page HERE. I also have a Facebook Page where you can post questions to working counselors and supervisors called Achieve Balance SUPERvisors. Finally, don’t forget about my Twitter feed, Instagram, Linked In (links are on this page) and blog posts. I’d love to hear from you!
I know you are also a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist. If I have personal issues can you give me therapy?

No, I will be your mentor only. I recommend if you have issues beyond the scope of our mentoring relationship that you seek professional counseling. There are associations like the American Counseling Association and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy that can direct you to someone licensed in your area.


How do you become a licensed counselor?

Great question! It depends on the type of license, the type of counselor, what state you live in and a few other factors. If you complete the contact form or give us a call, we will call you back and try to answer your specific questions!

What are some CACREP Accredited counselor training programs in Texas?

Click here for a list! Last updated September 11, 2017.

How often do you offer Live Event trainings like the 40 hour supervisor course and Supervisor Refresher Courses?

We try to offer our 40 Hour Supervisor Training and Live/Real Time Supervisor Refresher Courses four times each year. Our minimum attendance for a course to ‘make’ is five registered and paid participants.

I am interested in taking your Supervisor Refresher Courses via web cam. Does the CEU/Certificate indicate web-based, or face-to-face? I’m asking because my supervisor licensing board has a face to face requirement.

Great question. Many licensing boards aren’t clear about how to categorize courses you attend live via web cam. We use the **NBCC definition of Live Event which offers specific guidelines that we follow:

  • Live Event Delivery Format: Real-time, interactive programs either delivered in person or by electronic devices that permit the participant to interact with the presenter(s
  • In order to award a certificate the Provider (Kate Walker Training) must ensure that the participant attended the live program, and was present for the number of hours indicated on the certificate or letter of completion, …. attendance of participants at live programs must be verified by an accurate, verifiable method (you must be facing your camera and interacting with the class at all times).

The certificate you receive from Kate Walker Training following your successful completion of one of our Supervisor Refresher Course Live Events via webcam will indicate the topics covered and the number of hours received. It will not indicate ‘web-based’ or ‘online.’

For more information, please contact your licensing board or favorite attorney.

**Use of the NBCC guidelines does not imply that courses may be used for NBCC credit. Participants are urged to check with their licensing boards before taking any course for continuing education credit.

Do you offer the trainings anywhere other than The Woodlands, Texas?

Yes! Contact us and we can give you some information about that.

How much do Live Event courses cost?

Our 40 Hour Supervisor Training is $700. Refresher Courses are $85 per module (take up to five three-hour modules). If you will be attending live via web-cam then there is an additional $25 set-up fee.

How long has Dr. Walker been doing the Supervisor Training?

Dr. Walker began teaching the courses alongside her mentor Dr. Judy DeTrude in 2007. After Dr. DeTrude retired in 2015, Kate continued teaching the courses. In July 2017 we were proud to complete Cohort 30!

What are Dr. Walker’s credentials?

Dr. Walker holds a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from Sam Houston State University and is a licensed professional counselor supervisor and licensed marriage and family therapist supervisor in Texas. Her MA in counseling is from Sam Houston State University. She also holds an all-level teaching certificate and received her Bachelor of Music in 1989 from The University of Texas at Austin. For more about Dr. Walker click here.

What is included in this cost for Live Events?

Your cost includes all the course material for life via Dropbox, your CE Certificate, a FREE online support group of counselors and counselor educators, and discounts on future continuing education.

When do I get the course material for Live Events?

Immediately when you purchase your Live Event you will be able to download a course syllabus.

The day before your first course, you will receive an email invitation with a link to access the course materials in Dropbox. You may need to create a free Dropbox account in order to access the material. Feel free to download or copy/paste the material to your computer and when the course is over, you can delete your Dropbox account if you wish. Remember the material is yours forever.

Will I receive my CE certificate when the Live Event course is over?

All participants who successfully complete a Live Event course will receive a certificate for your records. If you attend in person we will hand you your certificate. If you attend virtually your certificate will be emailed as a PDF.