As of July 2017 our status as an approved provider (under of the 40 hour Supervisor Training Course is current: Texas LMFT and Texas LPC

Register for the Fall 2017 Supervisor Training

Before you register for our training, please read this notice from the LPC Board of Texas:

According to the LPC Board, as of December 1, 2016, the applicant for LPC supervisor status:

  • must have held the regular license in good standing for at least 60 months from the date of issuance
  • must submit the application for supervisor designation within 2 years of completing the 40-hour supervision training. (Texas Administrative Code RULE §681.93)

So, based on this LPC requirement, please do not take this 40 hour course for the LPC supervisor designation unless you can say at the end of this training:

  • I have had my LPC for at least 60 months (5 years), or
  • Two years after this course ends, I will have had my LPC for at least 60 months (5 years)

In accordance with Texas LPC 681.93 (c) (2) you have 90 days to complete the course requirements. Please note the following:

  • Once we receive your registration and payment for this course, any KWT online exams you have previously taken and passed that are required for this course must be retaken and passed to meet the requirements for this course.
  • The 90-day time period begins with your first attempted KWT online exam after we have received your registration and payment.
  • If you have not attempted any online exams before the first face-to-face classroom day of the course, your 90-day time period begins the first face-to-face classroom day.


This course is divided into two parts, both of which are required. Part I is the on-line portion and Part II is the classroom portion. It is highly recommended that you complete Part I before Part II.

Part I, Completed On-Line
You have access to Part I – the on-line portion – any time by going to our courses page.

Part II Completed in Person Thursday – Saturday

Location: SHSU The Woodlands Campus MAP

Register for the Fall 2017 Supervisor Training


And now we’d like to brag a little……

Five Reasons Why We Are Simply the Best  40 Hour LPC/LMFT Supervisor Training in Texas

I am grateful for the wealth of resources and information presented in this course. The instructors delivered consistent instruction through an empowering and encouraging style. Thanks for the wonderful tools and for helping to pave the way for my new ‘job’! – Cohort 23 Participant

1. We offer more support after the course than any other training program in Texas.
  • FREE lifetime admission into a closed online community of licensed supervisors and counselor educators where we share tips, practical experiences, helpful forms, important changes to LPC and LMFT law, and more
  • Your first six hours of supervisor-specific online continuing education provided FREE
  • Lifetime access to ALL course material
  • Complimentary 2017 Supervisor Toolkit containing sample supervision contracts, remediation plans, and hours logs reflecting 2017 LPC/LMFT board rules

Your Supervisor Training was more than just another training.  The information, useful resources provided, and application exercises have equipped me such that I have very few questions about my role as a LPC Supervisor.  Additionally, the comfortable and collaborative teaching style made the course enjoyable.  Your willingness to help and support clearly extends beyond the last training day and I feel comfortable knowing that I can access you as a resource in the future.  Thanks again for a fantastic training! 

– Mike Cunyus MH Program Director at the Burke Center, [Cohort 23 July 2015]


2. We are approved by the Texas LPC board and instruction is only delivered by LPC and LMFT Supervisors or Ph.D. counselor educators.

Our curriculum was developed by

Dr. Judy DeTrude, Ph.D., LPC-S, LMFT-S, retired professor of counselor education and former director of the doctoral program in counselor education at Sam Houston State University

Dr. Kate Walker, Ph.D., LPC-S, LMFT-S, LPC Board Liaison for Texas Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (TACES), 2015-2016 TACES President, Director of Clinical Supervision at the University of Houston, Victoria, Clinical Director of and non-profit counselor training/community clinic Ann’s Place.

  • This comprehensive course is constantly updated and reflects the latest decisions and updates from the LPC and LMFT boards.
  • Instructors and developers are not just counselor educators, they are practicing clinicians and supervisors. Our goal is for you to be able to apply what you learn in your work as soon as you get your supervisor designation added to your license.

Kate this course was the poster child for how training should be done! – Jennifer Leslie van Blarcom Director Enriching Counseling Services [Cohort 23 July 2015]


3. Three day training and outside assignments mean you spend less time away from your clients and less money on your stay.

An abundance of information but very necessary. I feel equipped to begin supervising. Thank you! – Participant Cohort 26

Day One

Orientation to the course and process outside assignments

Conceptualizing supervision, supervisor roles and responsibilities, supervision methods and techniques including group supervision 

Introduction to ethics of supervision: Roles for supervision and standards of practice 

Organizing the supervision experience/executive and administrative tasks including plan, contract, time for supervision, record keeping, and reporting 

Day Two

Ethical and legal issues: Authorized counseling methods and practice and experience requirements for internship: LPC and LMFT Codes/Ethics side by side

Ethical and Legal Issues: Other codes of ethics and using technology and ACES best practices  

Ethical and legal issues: Standards of practice managing critical incidents in supervision, ethical decision making model, ethical dilemmas and legal issues

Day Three

Supervision contract presentations

Multicultural competencies and ethics, evaluation in supervision 

Supervision methods and techniques: Genogram presentations

Supervision methods and techniques: Demonstrations

4. Price includes all of the material for life. 

All of the materials for this course will be provided for you. This includes

  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Forms you can use in your practice
  • PDF versions of the Power Point presentations, and more.

We are ‘green’ which means we keep copies to a minimum. Once the course begins you can access the materials through Dropbox, a free, online  cloud-based storage system. The materials will be yours to download and keep forever. We recommend you bring a laptop or tablet to class so you can access the materials as we present; but, if you prefer you can also print the materials and bring them with you each day. You can also purchase a binder with all of the course material by clicking here (it will be waiting for you on your first day of class).

There is no required reading but if you would like to get the books we reference for your own library we have them for purchase here – just click Recommended Reading in the sidebar, then Counselor Education and Supervision. We will be referring to these books throughout the course.

Other than that, just bring your passion for supervising. We will handle the rest!


5. Participants consistently rate our course content, our delivery techniques, and our instructors,  five out of five (on a scale where five is highly recommend and zero is not likely to recommend) on the following:
  • The workshop and the material presented were well organized
  • The workshop topic and the advertised issues were well covered
  • The content of this workshop is relevant to my  needs
  • The length of this workshop was appropriate
  • The instructor(s) were knowledgeable about tlie subject matter
  • The instructional techniques were appropriate.


1. How often do you offer trainings?

We try to offer our 40 Hour Supervisor Training and Live/Real Time Supervisor Refresher Courses four times each year. Our minimum attendance for a course to ‘make’ is five registered and paid participants.

2. Do you do the trainings anywhere besides the Woodlands?

Yes! Contact us and we can give you some great information about that.

3. How much does it cost?

Our 40 Hour Supervisor Training is $700. Our Live/Real Time Supervisor Refresher Courses consist of five (5) three-hour modules. Each module is $85 plus a one time set up fee of $25 if joining us virtually.

4. How long has Dr. Walker been doing the Supervisor Training?

Dr. Walker began teaching the 40 Hour Supervisor Training Course alongside her mentor Dr. Judy DeTrude in 2007. After Dr. DeTrude retired in 2015, Kate continued teaching the course. In April 2017 she completed teaching her 29th cohort. 

5. What are Dr. Walker’s credentials?

Dr. Walker has a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from Sam Houston State University and is a licensed professional counselor supervisor and licensed marriage and family therapist supervisor in Texas. Her MA in counseling is from Sam Houston State University. She also holds an all-level teaching certificate and received her Bachelor of Music in 1989 from The University of Texas at Austin. For more about Dr. Walker click here.

6. What is included in this cost?

Your cost includes all the course material, an online support group of counselors and counselor educators, discounts on future continuing education, 40 hours of continuing education including 12 hours of ethics, and a toolkit containing all the forms you will need so you can start your supervision practice on the right foot.

Cohort 31

Fall 2017

September 28, 29, and 30

in The Woodlands, TX

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM all days (working lunch)

The Woodlands, Texas

Contact us with any questions

Registration deadline: September 18th, 2017

Participants will need to complete some of the course work before the first day of the seminar so register early!

early bird

Register before September 15th and receive an additional bonus:

The Private Practice University 3 DVD Set! 

($210 value for FREE with registration)

  • Detailed information about private practice mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Scripts to increase the conversion rate of potential clients to actual clients
  • Forms you can customize for your practice
  • Information for the CE exams should you choose to use the DVD for CE credit




Cohort 29

L-R Christopher Willis,  Julie Jones, Hilda Trevino, Shawna Munson, Adrianne Trevino, Ruth Lucas

I really enjoyed the course! You, Jennifer and Amber were all great! Thank you again for all you do  – Adrianne Trevino

Cohort 28 Supervisor Training Graduates
Cohort 28 Supervisor Training Graduates

L-R Karen Linstrum, Katherine Turner, Bridget Thomas, Marsha Crutchfield, Robyn Martin,  Naomi Perez

This supervision workshop was well organized and informative – Bridget Thomas

Very thorough – the best “jumping off” place a new supervisor could have! – Kate Turner

Cohort 27 Graduation Photo October 2016

L-R Kara Grant, Nancy Wilson, Heidi Velez, Kandys McKinley, Laurie Frankenfield, Jana Deardorff, Chastidy Patterson, John Luquette 

(not pictured Vanessa Bridges, Becky Reiter, Annette Morales-Tomczek)

Great course! Strongly recommended! – Becky Reiter Cohort 27

This was an amazing training! Thank you for really honoring the profession and the gift that is supervision – Kara Grant Cohort 27


Six out of six Cohort 26 evaluations rated the 40 Hour Supervisor Training 5 out of 5!

Cohort 26

Wonderful! Great! Covered a lot of information in an easy way to understand and use!

This was an incredible course – applicable, comprehensive, and fun!

I learned so much and I’m excited about learning more as a LPC Supervisor!

– Participants Cohort 26


Seven out of eight Cohort 25 evaluations rated the training 5 out of 5!

Cohort 25 Graduation Photo February 2016

L-R Chad Touchette, Robert Harris, Adrienne Armstrong, Daisy McCloud, Christina Runnels, Cheryl Butler (two class members not pictured at their request)


Five out of six Cohort 24 evaluations rated the training 5 out of 5!

Cohort 24 Graduation Photo November 2015
Cohort 24 Graduation Photo November 2015

L-R Amy Culberson, Michelle Ferree, Bethany Waits, Lindsey Brown, Rob Benson

Fabulous program of skillful knowledge that also touched my heart as we talked professionally.

 Very well done! I will really use and apply this information to my work! 

This was awesome! I learned so much thank you! 

 – Participants in Cohort 24


Twelve out of thirteen Cohort 23 evaluations rated the training 5 out of 5!

Cohort 23 Graduation Photo July 2015
Cohort 23 Graduation Photo July 2015
L-R front row: Roxanne Deams, Annie ViersJennifer Leslie-VanBlarcom, Corey Standridge, Michelle Wolf, Kimberly Washington, Veronica (Roni) Soileau, 
L-R back row: Tammy Dortch, Mike Cunyus, Jenai Tidwell, Anne Russey, Jason BienKathy Driggers

Great job Dr. Walker! 

This has been a great experience! The presenters were knowledgable and did a good job keeping our attention. Thank you for such a positive experience and all your support!

Better than the previous LPC course I took. Way more informative and applicable! Thank you!

This course has been excellent! It is very interactive and informative. It was a lot of fun and Dr. Walker made the environment comfortable.

I appreciated all the opportunities for discussion and being able to draw on other participants’ and instructors’  professional experiences!

– Participants Cohort 23 


Cohort 30

Summer 2017

July 20th, 21st, and 22nd

Sam Houston State University – The Woodlands Campus

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM all days (working lunch)

The Woodlands, Texas

Contact us with any questions at 936-697-2822 or email

Registration deadline: July 15th, 2017

Participants will need to complete some of the course work before the first day of the seminar so register early!

early bird

Register before June 15th and receive an additional bonus:

The Private Practice University 3 DVD Set! 

($210 value for FREE with registration)

  • Detailed information about private practice mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Scripts to increase the conversion rate of potential clients to actual clients
  • Forms you can customize for your practice
  • Information for the CE exams should you choose to use the DVD for CE credit


What will I learn?
  • Implement supervision interventions through a theory driven model.
  • Work with any supervisee regardless of his or her level of skill development.
  • Utilize interventions based on relationship dynamics to help guide supervisees toward a goal.
  • Engage supervisees in their own learning, career development, and professional identity development.
  • Feel confident in your supervising skills.
  • Know the law and professional organizations’ codes of ethics in order to support your work and protect you and your practice from your supervisees’ actions.
  • See your supervisees as resourceful and resilient.
  • Have fun supervising!
Why should I become a LPC/LMFT Supervisor?

Deciding to become a supervisor impacts your life, not just your practice. Yes, your supervisees will benefit from having an excellent experience under your supervision; however, I believe there is more to it than that. We need excellent supervisors because our community needs excellent mental health professionals.

  • In 2006, 2,347 Texans died by suicide. Suicide is almost always the result of untreated or under-treated mental illness.
  • Texas spent just $35 per capita on mental health agency services in 2006, or $805.2 million. This was just 1.1 percent of total state spending that year.
  • In 2006, 8,247 children were incarcerated in Texas’s juvenile justice system. Nationally, approximately 70 percent of youth in juvenile justice systems experience mental health disorders, with 20 percent experiencing a severe mental health condition.

Becoming a supervisor requires you to change the way you think about your role in helping people, your profession, and your community. We take this seriously and we believe with every part of our practice, from our licensed professionals to our trainees at Ann’s Place, that everyone deserves an excellent counselor and an excellent counseling experience.

Even if you are anxious about the prospect of becoming a supervisor, we know that if you can commit to taking on at least two supervisees, take at least two supervision CEUs every renewal cycle, and allow your supervisees to give away two pro-bono hours each week to your community, you can be part of the solution. To that end, the Supervisor Training Seminar will prepare you to Take the Pledge and Take 2:


If you feel a calling to help even more people, and you are ready to become an even greater asset to your profession and your community, then this course is for you. It’s intended to be fun and engaging but also stimulating and in-depth. Come immerse yourself and become a supervisor. Invest in your future, your profession, and your world.

What else do you get with this course?
  • When you register and pay for this course, you will receive a confirmation and downloadable syllabus and a flyer you can share with interested colleagues.
  • The day before the first day of the course, you will receive an invitation to access the Day 1 materials in Dropbox. You may need to create a free Dropbox account in order to access the material. Feel free to download the material to your computer and when the course is over, you can delete your Dropbox account if you wish. The material is yours forever.
  • Included with the forty hour course are at least twelve ethics CEUs for LPC, LMFT, and Social Work. Other US-based mental and behavior health providers may receive CEU credit as well.
  • All participants who successfully complete the course will receive a COURSE CERTIFICATE. You must submit this certificate to your licensing board when you apply for your supervisor license.

Kate Walker Training provides continuing education through You can click here to see where is a continuing education provider. Always check with your licensing boards before taking a course for continuing education credit.

What does the course cost and how do I register?

It’s really simple, just click on the registration button below. When you complete your purchase your spot is instantly secured.

sign up registerThe course cost is only $700 USD

As soon as you register you will be able to download the course syllabus with directions for completing the assignment due the first class day. You will also be able to download a flyer you can give to a colleague.  Registration will be open until January 19th or until we hit 25 attendees. Once we are full we must cut off registrations, no exceptions!


If you register and attend, and refer a colleague who also attends, you will receive $100 off your registration cost!

The next Supervisor Training Seminar will be:


Cohort 31

Fall 2017

September 28, 29, and 30

Sam Houston State University – The Woodlands Campus

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM all days (working lunch)

The Woodlands, Texas

Contact us with any questions

Registration deadline: September 15th, 2017

Participants will need to complete some of the course work before the first day of the seminar so register early!