Online Courses Are Great, Right?


The scene:

You are having lunch with a counselor supervisor friend and she casually mentions, “Whew! I finally got my six hours of supervisor continuing education finished! Good thing too because my license renews this month.”

You feel a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because you too, are renewing your license this month, and you completely forgot that you need six hours of supervisor-specific continuing education each renewal cycle. You finish the lunch and rush back to your office and enter search terms into Google like, “Fast LPC Supervisor CE,” and “Online LPC Supervisor Continuing Education.” The same courses come up again and again. One charges to access the material. Another takes precious minutes to load the exam and you notice several mistakes. Still another wants to charge you before you even pass the exam.

You absolutely HATE online courses but you bite the bullet and pay your money anyway, vowing that next time, you will get your CEs in person.

Has this ever happened to you?

As a rule, online courses tend to be the very bottom of the rung of the ladder of continuing education. Homemade courses may be poorly written and authors may charge you an access fee. Homemade online exams can be technically challenging, difficult to access, poorly written, and impossible to navigate. Worst case you are charged for a certificate that may take you a week to receive or download because customer service was either unavailable or no help.

You want your course material to be challenging, not your online course experience!


The best online courses will offer free access to excellent material and not charge you if you don’t pass their exam. At Kate Walker Training we will never charge you to read our course content or take our exams. You only pay when you decide you want to purchase the corresponding certificate. If we can verify that you passed with 80% or higher, then we will send you a certificate documenting your continuing education.

So, the next time you find yourself staring at a CE deadline and you decide that online is the way to go, we hope you choose Kate Walker Training. If you don’t, just remember to choose a course that offers:


1.     Free access the course content


2.     Free access to the exam


3.     Support at your fingertips ready to help with any technical glitches










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