Why Take a Counselor Supervisor Training Course?

Counselor Supervisor Training Course

This post will teach you why taking a counselor supervisor training course can make you an amazing supervisor. At the very least, it will explain how taking the Kate Walker Training 40 Hour Supervisor Training is simply the best way to take your counseling skills and your practice to the next level.

Here’s the short version.

When you decide to take a counselor supervisor training course to become a counselor supervisor, you will learn more than just how to manage paperwork or how to sit and listen to counselor interns. You will learn how to:

  • Utilize theories and models to implement your ideas.
  • Work with any supervisee regardless of his or her level of skill and utilize interventions based on relationship dynamics to help guide them toward a goal.
  • Engage supervisees and clients in their own learning, career development, and professional identity development.
  • Feel confident in your counseling and supervising skills.

Bottom Line

Whether you decide to become a supervisor or not, taking a supervisor training course supports the work you are already doing and protects you and your practice. As a licensed professional mental health provider, you must know the laws governing your practice as well as relevant professional organizations’ codes of ethics. A good supervisor training course will make sure you leave with that knowledge.

Kate Walker Training is simply the best supervisor training because

  1. We offer more support after the course than any other training program in Texas.
2.      We are approved by the Texas LPC board and instruction is only delivered by LPC and LMFT Supervisors or Ph.D. counselor educators.
3.      Three-day training means you spend less time away from your clients and less money on your stay.
4.      All the virtual and hardcopy material (links, PowerPoints, videos, exams, toolkits, templates) reflect 2017 rules and codes, and are yours for life.
5.      Participants consistently rate our course content, our delivery techniques, and our instructors, five out of five on organization, content, and delivery

My Challenge to You: Take the Next Step

If you feel a calling to help even more people, and you are ready to become an even greater asset to your profession and your community, then a counselor supervisor training course is for you. It’s intended to be fun and engaging but also stimulating and in-depth. Come immerse yourself and become a supervisor. Invest in your future, your profession, and your world.


  1. Go to https://katewalkertraining.com/courses/40-hour-supervisor-training/
  2. Register and pay
  3. Prepare yourself to take your practice to the next level.

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